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There are almost 1.5 billion people accessing the internet today. With that many people online begs the question of how to get some of those people to visit a particular website, possibly become a customer and return from time to time. A wonderful invention called RSS (really simple syndication), allows website owners to easily send snippets of the latest news, updates and post publication from various websites to subscribers who can read the information via a reader. But how important is it really? This tool has important benefits to website owners and has exploded across the internet with many options for both the subscriber and the publisher. The importance of implementing an RSS feed into a blog has many advantages. Listed below are just a few of the benefits.

1. Gaining loyal readers

2. Obtaining new readers

3. Site promotion

Keep Your Current Readers Returning To Your Site

Typically blogs are focused in one general area. Readers who subscribe to RSS feeds are people who are interested in a blog topic. A benefit of implementing syndication feeds into a blog is the possibility that users will become loyal and return to the publisher’s website. Which will result in more traffic and more conversion rates. So go ahead and ask visitors to click on the RSS button and subscribe.

Submitting Syndication To Directories

One way to attract new readers is to submit your RSS feed to a directory. Each submission plays a role in website promotion and link building. There are literally hundreds of directories on the internet, some are free to use. An important benefit is that interesting news is distributed among topic related websites. If your news is republished on other sites you will obtain incoming links to your website.

Writing Fresh And News Worthy Content

Fresh and news worthy content will also help to promote a website. RSS feeds that are submitted to directories can speed up the indexation procedure of the blog and its articles. Write fresh interesting information and the promotion is performed automatically.

Getting traffic to a website is hard enough, and getting customers to return is harder. It is easy to add a feed button to your website, and information on the internet to the top directories. Mobile syndication is available also for smart phones. There are also tutorials available to help get it set up. The benefits are simply too good to ignore this opportunity to use a free method of getting people to your website.